The SK2400-AT7 is the strongest tower crane from Spierings and has the very latest technology when it comes to mobile cranes. The truck cab is equipped with the latest technology, with the focus yet again on ease of operation. Inspired by the SK1265-AT6, the SK2400-AT7 is an even more powerful crane. The maximum load has increased to no less than 18 tonnes, while the maximum radius is 42 m — meaning that the crane can lift as much as 5.5 tonnes! A version with a radius of 50 metres and a four-part jib has also been available since 2013. At 42 metres, this version can still lift a respectable 5 tonnes, and the maximum load at 50 metres is 2.5 tonnes. The truck is amazingly manoeuvrable and four different control programmes can be used to position the crane quickly and accurately at the work area. The crane can be operated both from the crane cab and from the ground. Settings are entered and displays read via the well-organised touch screen, which shows the most important information in graphical form.  


SK2400-AT7 42 meter

  • Lifting capacity:  263 tm
  • Maximum load: 18.000 kg (up to 14,6 m)
  • Tip load: 5500 kg
  • Maximum radius: 42 m. (optionally 50 metres).
  • Lifting height: 37,3 m
  • Maximum lifting height: 56 m (30° peaked jib and 42 metre jib)

SK2400-AT7 50 meter

  • Lifting capacity:  149 tm
  • Maximum load: 9.000 kg (up to 16,5 m)
  • Tip load: 2500 kg op 50 meter
  • Maximum radius: 50 m
  • Lifting height: 35,5 m
  • Tower height: 37,7 m
  • Maximum lifting height: 61,1 m (30° peaked jib and 50 metre jib)