Spierings doesn't just build cranes on an all-terrain truck; there is also a version on a crawler frame combined with a trailer/semi-trailer. The tower crane mounted on a crawler carriage is comparable with the top crane on the SK2400-AT7. Key concepts when this crawler version was being developed were ease of relocation from construction to construction, ease of use and mobility on the construction site. Compared with crawler cranes with a lattice mast, the SK2400-R has become a much lighter machine that can be quickly relocated on the construction site thanks to a computerised outrigger support base system. In terms of lifting capacity, the crane surpasses even the heaviest crawler tower crane that is currently available on the market. For relocation on normal roads, the crane puts its own tracks plus part of the ballast on a trailer. The crane itself is then automatically fully dismantled for transport with a flatbed semi-trailer. Dismantling it in this way ensures that the crane is ready for transport in just 1.5 hours and only requires two trucks. The SK2400-R is used predominantly for construction projects where the infrastructure is not yet in place, and where frequent relocation of the crane on the construction is required. The crawler crane has a strong advantage here because it can be relocated whilst fully assembled. The tower crane on a crawler frame is also the ideal solution for construction sites with space issues. A version with a radius of 50 metres instead of 42 metres has also been available since 2013. This version with the four-part jib can lift 2500 kg over 50 metres. The maximum load for the SK2400-R crane is 18 tonnes.  


SK2400-R 42 metres

  • Lifting capacity:  263 tm
  • Maximum load: 18.000 kg (up to 14,6 m)
  • Tip load: 5500 kg
  • Maximum radius: 42 m. (optionally 50 metre).
  • Lifting height: 37,3 m
  • Maximum lifting height: 56 m (30° peaked jib and 42 metre jib)

SK2400-R 50 metres

  • Lifting capacity:  149 tm
  • Maximum load: 9.000 kg (tup to 16,5 m)
  • Tip load: 2500 kg op 50 meter
  • Maximum radius: 50 m
  • Lifting height: 35,5 m
  • Tower height: 37,7 m
  • Maximum lifting height: 61,1 m (30° peaked jib and 50 metre jib)