SK487-AT3 City Boy Plug-in Hybrid eDrive

SK487-AT3 City Boy Plug-in Hybrid eDrive

The SK487-AT3 is the most compact crane in the Spierings product range. The compact design with a width of just 2.50 metres and a total length of just 13.08 metres means the truck is easy to manoeuvre. This crane comes into its own in an urban environment, with a truck footprint of under 10 metres. The maximum outrigger support base is 7250 x 7200 mm.


The crane has a three-part tower that is extendible to a hook height of 30.3 metres and a four-part jib and can be operated both from the cab and from the ground, so the operator always has an optimum overview of operations. The maximum load is no less than 7000 kg with a radius of 11.96 metres and a tip load of 1700 kg with a radius of 40 metres. The maximum load moment can be used over an angle of 210° over one side and the back.


This crane belongs to the future and can be driven in an urban environment as a hybrid or a fully electric vehicle.

Brochure SK487-AT3 City Boy


  • Lifting capacity: 84 tm
  • Maximum load: 7000 kg (up to 11.96 m)
  • Tip load: 1700 kg
  • Maximum radius: 40 m
  • Lifting height: 30 m
  • Maximum lifting height: 55,45 m (45° luffed jib)
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